The PIXANIM platform (Phenotyping by in/eX vivo Imaging from the ANImal to the Molecule) is under the supervision of INRAE, and the co-supervision of the University of Tours and the CHU of Tours.

PIXANIM is a platform labeled by the GIS IbiSA and by INRAE as a Collective Scientific Infrastructure (CSI, 2021) and certified ISO 9001 v 2015.

Since july 2021, PIXANIM was integrated into the new national Research Infrastructure (RI) named LiPh4SAS (Livestock Phenotyping for Sustainable Agro ecoSystems) offering phenotyping services for livestock (cattle, small ruminants, pigs and fish).

Based at the INRAE Val de Loire Centre (Nouzilly), PIXANIM is attached to the PHASE department (Animal Physiology and Breeding Systems) and hosted by the UMR PRC (Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour; UMR INRAE 85, CNRS 7247, University of Tours, IFCE).




Modification date : 01 August 2023 | Publication date : 15 November 2020 | Redactor : VL