Molecular Analysis

Molecular Analysis

for the characterization of biomolecules of peptide, protein and lipid origin.

The PIXANIM platform brings together technologies and scientific and technical skills in the fields of bioseparation (extraction, purification or separation by liquid chomatography and electrophoresis) and mass spectrometry applied to proteomics and lipidomics in order to better understand the molecular mechanisms that govern the major functions of animals and can explain their phenotypes.

The PIXANIM platform offers numerous analytical strategies based on profiling, bottom-up and top-down approaches for the detection, localization, identification, quantification and structural characterization of lipids, peptides and proteins in order to better characterize their polymorphism (post-translational modifications).
In an original and innovative way, we offer profiling analyses by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, in proteomics and lipidomics, directly applied to biological fluids, whole cells and tissues (without prior extraction) in order to characterise endogenous biomolecules (peptidoforms, proteoforms, lipidoforms) in their biological context, in situ.
Specificity :

  •     Phenomics of animals of agronomic and biomedical interest (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, deer, dogs, rodents, camelids, poultry...).

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plaque MALDI avec dépôt
Direct analysis of whole cells (eukaryotes or prokaryotes) by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in proteomics and lipidomics.
Coupes de Coeur bélier
Profiling by MALDI-TOF can also be applied to the surrounding tissues and fluids to search for markers.
The structural analysis of whole and intact biomolecules by Top-down allows them to be identified.
The PIXANIM platform offers different analytical strategies to identify, quantify and structurally characterize proteins through the analysis of peptides obtained after proteolytic digestion.
2D gel
PIXANIM offers 1D/2D electrophoresis and liquid chromatography for the separation and purification of proteins.

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