PIXANIM is an experimental and analytical platform dedicated to animal sciences.

PIXANIM may accompany you throughout the life of your project and offers facilities for "all-in-one" solutions.

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PIXANIM integrates 3 types of activities:

  •     Animal housing and interventional physiology: with unique infrastructures, the platform offers premises adapted to long-term housing for a wide range of animal models and interventional physiology for medical and veterinary studies.
  •     2D/3D in/ex vivo imaging: with a range of technologies from the entire animal to the molecule, which can be combined with each other. The proposed image processing and analysis is done on a qualitative and/or quantitative level (segmentation and differential analysis).
  •     Molecular analyses: with a set of technologies dedicated to proteomics and lipidomics for the identification and quantification of biomolecules.

Its expertise covers :

  •     In/ex vivo phenotyping adapted to livestock.
  •     Multi-modal phenotyping for anatomical, structural and functional analyses enabling the characterisation of biological systems and molecular mechanisms explaining phenotypes.
  •     Multi-scale phenotyping from the animal to the molecule. From markers to populations, in order to move towards predictive biology, the discovery of new therapies, diagnostics and prognoses.

NB: The implementation of experimental protocols requires prior ministerial authorisation for the project, including a favourable ethical assessment by the Centre Val de Loire's Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA).

The PIXANIM platform also works, on the Nouzilly site, in close collaboration with :

  • l'UE-PAO : Unité Expérimentale de Physiologie Animale de l'Orfrasière
  • l'UE-PEAT : Unité Expérimentale pôle d'expérimentation avicole de Tours
  • la PFIE : Plate-forme d'Infectiologie expérimentale.

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