Accommodation and interventional physiology

Accommodation and interventional physiology

Animal experimentation is governed by legislation and regulations.

The platform is approved by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP), as an establishment using animals used for scientific purposes for the following species: sheep, goats, pigs, hens and quails (approval number: 37-175-4). The platform can accommodate around forty sheep/goats, 10 to 20 pigs depending on their weight and about ten birds.

The implementation of experimental protocols requires prior ministerial authorisation for the project, including a favourable ethical assessment by the Centre Val de Loire Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA).

The regulation of animal experimentation is based on the 3Rs principle, which consists of Replacing, Reducing and Refining as most as possible the use of animals in research. The platform has a structure responsible for animal welfare (SBEA) which provides expertise in animal welfare to complement the EAEC.

In this context, the platform provides interventional physiology, pre-, per- and post-intervention care necessary for the research protocols set up by academic or private scientific teams.
Our expertise focuses in particular on the central nervous system and the genital sphere of domestic mammals. However, the platform can propose various animal models (sheep, pigs and goats, hens, quails) for other biological systems to be studied (digestive, orthopaedic, dental, thoracic/cardiac, others).

Interventional physiology activities

  •     Taking care of the animals as soon as they arrive at the platform.
  •     Anaesthesia.
  •     Follow-up of the animals and assistance to the personnel in the blocks.
  •     Cleaning and sterilisation of instruments.
  •     Monitoring of animals and zootechnical care.

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